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Alarm Monitoring

At BTE Communications, we understand how critical a fast, well-coordinated response is to minimizing potential losses in an emergency situation. That's why we have developed one of the country's most reliable alarm monitoring and dispatching services. Our alarm monitoring service is designed to integrate seamlessly into any comprehensive contingency and emergency response plan. With this service, you can trust that our staff will closely monitor your alarms and be fully prepared to contact and coordinate the necessary response teams for every type of emergency, quickly and efficiently. We have over 50 years' experience and are experts in providing customized alarm monitoring services for companies of all sizes, particularly those working in high-risk industries, such as oil drilling, gas extraction, and nuclear power. Our services have been used to coordinate responses to fires, gas leaks, oil leaks, tsunamis, floods, and a wide variety of other emergency situations.

Our alarm monitoring service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that we'll be available to respond to your emergencies anytime of day or night. As soon as an alarm is triggered, an automatic phone call is made to our call center using a dedicated number set up within our system. One of our expertly trained operators answers this call to receive the information they need to immediately implement the proper safety protocols, which may include dispatching emergency response teams and alerting specified managers of the situation. Call today to speak with one of our alarm monitoring specialists.

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