Virtual Receptionist Service for Bakersfield

5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Receptionist for Your Bakersfield Small Business

5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Receptionist for Your Bakersfield Small Business

As a small business owner in Bakersfield, you already know how important it is to provide excellent customer service to every client.  But as your business starts to grow, it can become increasingly difficult to manage your workload and still give your clients the personalized attention they are accustomed to. This is where a high-quality, cost-effective virtual receptionist provided by an experienced telephone answering company can help.


Virtual receptionist services typically offer small businesses the following important benefits:


Extended Hours

By hiring a virtual receptionist, you can continue to offer customer support even when your business is closed. The best small business answering services have professional live agents available around the clock, including holidays and weekends, to answer your calls.


Greater Productivity

If you are having a hard time getting your work done due to high volume of calls, a live answering service can help. With a great virtual receptionist service, you’ll find it easier to strike a good balance between managing your business and attending to clients.  Friendly live agents can be trained to screen calls (e.g. blocking sales calls but promptly forwarding important calls), follow personalized scripts, schedule appointments, update your calendar, and relay messages according to your preference.


Improved Customer Service

The best small business answering services use your own customized script to communicate with your customers, along with personalized greetings and custom hold prompts.  A great call center will also use advanced telecommunications equipment, such as interactive scheduling appointment systems, which allow you to choose how you would like to receive your messages (usually by email, text, or fax), set appointment reminders, forward messages, and more.


Enhance Your Business Reputation

Your customers will appreciate being able to speak with real person instead of a machine, at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year. They’ll love that you care enough about their business to ensure a professional and friendly greeting for every caller. By using a consistent and reliable phone answering service, you’ll soon become well known for always providing great customer service.


Well-Maintained Call Logs for Your Bakersfield Small Business

Besides providing high-quality virtual receptionist services, a professional phone answering company should also keep accurate records of every call.  By reviewing your call logs, you can gain valuable insight into your business and the needs of your customers. Armed with this new information, you might decide to change your customized script, alter how certain calls are handled, or update your internal business practices.


BTE Communications is an award-winning phone answering company serving Bakersfield small businesses since 1958.  Our dedicated team provides personalized call center services at affordable rates throughout Kern County and surrounding cities. To learn more about how our professional, live agents can help your small business, contact us today at (888) 277-7671.