24/7 Phone Answering Service in San Francisco

5 Benefits of Using an Answering Service in San Francisco

Unlike answering services of the past, today’s live call centers offer much more than just the ability to receive and relay messages.  By using a high quality answering service, you can effectively streamline business operations, enhance customer service, and increase productivity for your San Francisco business, healthcare company, or apartment management company.  


Live Agents Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

The best call centers provide dedicated live agents who can be readily available to respond to callers every day of the week, including evenings, weekends, and holidays. Your dedicated phone agents can answer calls according to your own customized script, and will be trained in your preferred methods for delivering messages (e.g. by fax, email, or text), screening and forwarding calls, and handling emergency situations.


Virtual Receptionists Increase Efficiency

By using advanced communications technology, such as interactive appointment scheduling systems, a live answering service can provide relief from the tedium of repetitive administrative duties. Your assigned agents can be instructed to schedule appointments, update your calendar, provide help desk services, handle order taking, staff information hotlines, assist in product fulfillment, and more.


Keep Your Department Emails Organized

Today’s leading answering service companies can also give you access to email management services that can help streamline your communications with customers and clients. A live agent can be assigned to check your email inboxes on a daily basis, especially the ”info@,” “sales@,” or “service@” addresses that often get neglected. They can screen out spam email, respond to legitimate emails according to your instructions, or forward them to the correct department for follow-up.


Live Chat Services and Web Form Response

Specialty answering services can also provide greater efficiency through live chat services.  Your virtual receptionist can use your online chat portal to answer questions and complaints, deliver essential information on products and services, and provide instant assistance to your customers. They can also handle inquiries directed from your website contact form, ensuring that you never miss another potential customer.   


Automated Answering Services for San Francisco

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an ideal way to keep costs low, while still providing your customers with immediate availability to your services. This automated service allows customer to self-direct their call according to their needs by following your personalized phone prompts.  Other features include the ability to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), record messages, and track call logs.


BTE Communications is an award-winning phone answering company that provides fully-customizable live answering solutions to businesses in and near San Francisco County.  Since 1958, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional answering services with superior customer service at highly affordable prices. Give us a call today to learn how we can streamline your business operations and help you enhance communications with your customers: (888) 277-7671.