Phone Answering Service in Fresno

Choosing a Live Answering Service for Your Funeral Home, Hospice, or Crisis Hotline in Fresno

Though you might hesitate to use a call center service due to the sensitive nature of your business, there are many reputable answering services that can greatly benefit Fresno’s hospices, funeral homes, and crisis hotlines. By using a live phone answering service, you can actually provide your clients with an enhanced level of customer service, while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.  

Below are some important qualities to look for when choosing a virtual answering service for your home care company, crisis call center, or mortuary in Fresno:


Compassionate, Live Agents Available Around the Clock

Your clients rely on you to be sensitive to their needs and maintain their confidentiality during difficult life situations.  When using a high quality answering service, you will be assigned dedicated agents who are trained to respond to every caller with the utmost professionalism, sympathy, and caring. They will be available to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.


Personalized Call Center Services
The best specialty answering companies offer cost-effective plans that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of funeral homes, crisis call centers, and healthcare companies. This often includes customized phone scripts, advanced voicemail services, call forwarding, and call screening. Well-trained agents can act like your own in-office receptionist by relaying messages according to your preference (e.g. via fax, phone, or text), scheduling appointments, updating your calendar, and sending out patient reminders.


HIPAA Compliance Training

Adhering to HIPAA guidelines is essential when running a home care agency, hospice, or healthcare company in Fresno County. That’s why the best phone answering services provide their phone agents with comprehensive HIPAA compliance training. Your dedicated agents should also have a working knowledge of medical terminology, and be familiar with the internal practices of hospices and home care settings.


Rapid Response for Crisis Hotlines in the San Joaquin Valley

Crisis call centers require a special level of attention from a phone answering company. Your assigned agents should be extremely empathetic, yet capable of responding to stressful and high-pressure situations in a calm and efficient manner. They should be trained to answer calls according to your established internal operating procedures, including contacting emergency services when necessary.

BTE Communications is an award-winning phone answering company serving Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley since 1958. We specialize in providing fully-customizable, competitively priced call center services for healthcare companies, hospices, mortuaries and crisis hotlines in Fresno and nearby areas. Contact us today to receive more information about our personalized answering service plans: (888) 277-7671.