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Call Center Outsourcing for Las Vegas, Nevada

At BTE Communications, we are able to provide customizable, cost-effective telephone answering services to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and types in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the last 50 years, we have served the phone answering service needs of thousands of clients from a wide variety of industries, including oil drilling, healthcare, legal, property management, equipment rental, municipal, and more. From inbound telemarketing to alarm monitoring, our services are reliable, professional, and affordable. They're also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us today to learn more about how our telephone answering services can benefit your company in Las Vegas. We offer free consultations and quotes, month-to-month contracts, and unit-based service plans.

24/7 Call Center Services for Las Vegas Businesses

Alarm Monitoring in Las Vegas, Nevada

To help high-risk businesses in Las Vegas improve response times and minimize damages during emergencies, BTE offers 24/7 alarm monitoring. With this service, we have existing alarms (such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, oil or gas leak alarms, etc.) generate a call to our call center when they are triggered. This call not only tells us that there is an emergency at your business, but also provides us with a code that gives us information on the type of emergency and its precise location. This information can then be dispatched out to supervising or on-call personnel and/or first responders. Call today to learn more.

Inbound Telemarketing in Las Vegas, Nevada

For over 50 years, BTE Communications has offered reliable, high-quality inbound telemarketing services. We are able to answer calls on behalf of Las Vegas businesses 24 hours a day and immediately pull up the call script and database needed to handle the call. Our agents treat each caller with courtesy and respect, and are very careful when taking orders and payment information for optimum accuracy. Calls can be recorded for quality assurance purposes and/or to confirm an order, and order information can be forwarded on an ongoing basis or in batches.

Call Center Customer Service in Las Vegas, Nevada

BTE Communications is Las Vegas's best choice when you need a third-party call center to act as your over-the-phone customer service department. We feature call operators with years of experience who excel at handling VIPs as well as irate customers. We'll treat each of your customers as if they were our own, and do everything we can to achieve their complete satisfaction. We'll represent ourselves as your company, use your call script, and comply with your protocols and instructions. With our 24/7 availability, 365 days a year, your customers will have no trouble getting the help they need when they need it.

Scheduling Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

With BTE's telephone scheduling and reservation service for Las Vegas companies, you'll be able to book more clients for your events, meetings, seminars, and/or appointments. Our call center takes calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our agents typically are available to answer calls within the first three rings. When they answer your calls, they'll use your company name and follow your company's call script. If a caller needs to be scheduled, they'll then either take their contact information and availability and forward it to your, or they will enter in new reservations or appointments directly into a shared calendar on your behalf. This service is completely customizable, so we can just provide scheduling assistance during your after-business hours, or we can answer all your front office calls and act as your own virtual receptionist. Call today to learn more.

Cell Phone, Tablet and Radio Dispatching in Las Vegas, Nevada

BTE Communications has served various industries, from towing companies to plumbing companies, with expert, efficient dispatching. At BTE, all calls are typically answered within the first three rings, so you can rest assured your dispatching needs in Las Vegas will be met with quick, well-coordinated service. We offer dispatching via table, cell phone, and two-way radio, and can also ensure that your staff in the field have all the information they need for their next assignment.

Emergency Response Coordination in Las Vegas, Nevada

When you partner with BTE to handle emergency response coordination for your Las Vegas business, you are investing in safety, because a well-coordinated response means a faster response. With our emergency response coordination service, our highly trained operators will remotely monitor your alarms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When one of your alarms is triggered, we immediately receive a call that lets us know the location of your emergency and the type of emergency you are dealing with, such as a fire, gas leak, oil leak, break in, etc. We'll then reference your emergency response plan to determine who to contact -- typically on-call supervisors or first responders -- and then give them the information they need to handle the emergency.

Voice Mail For Businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada

At BTE Communications, we are able to provide customizable voicemail services for businesses in Las Vegas. With our comprehensive voicemail services, you'll be able to access your voicemail from any phone 24/7, set up voicemail trees, and personalize custom hold prompts and voice mailboxes. Voice mail messages can also be set up to generate notifications, be forwarded to email as .wav files, or be transcribed.

Information Screening in Las Vegas, Nevada

BTE can help your business in Las Vegas, Nevada, screen callers based upon the answers they provide to your questions. This can help you manage large numbers of interested tenants, job applicants, survey participants, and more. When your calls come in, our highly trained agents will use your company's name, ask your specific screening questions, record or assess the client's answers, and then forward eligible callers to your voice mailbox, reroute their call, enter them into your database, or give them the information they need to take the next step. Call BTE today to learn more.

Common Applications for Third-Party Phone Answering Services in Las Vegas

Alarm Monitoring & Emergency Response Services for Oil Field Companies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Oil field companies and other businesses in Las Vegas that wish to improve their level of preparedness for emergencies should consider investing in an alarm monitoring and emergency response coordination service. At BTE Communications, we operate a 24/7 call center that is equipped with the latest CMC technology and staffed with carefully screened and heavily trained phone operators. With thousands of satisfied clients and a stellar reputation, we can be relied upon to remotely monitor your alarms, place all callouts, and distribute the necessary information to those you indicate on your emergency plan. Call today to learn more.

Health Care Call Center Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

At BTE Communications, we're experts in customizing our phone answering services to accommodate the needs of healthcare clients in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have more than 50 years of experience, keep up to date with the latest software and equipment for call centers, and are HIPAA compliant. Our team of highly trained operators are capable of providing:

  • Message taking and delivery
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Virtual receptionist responsibilities
  • General customer service
  • Dispatching
  • And more

We also provide comprehensive voice mail services. Whether you have a hospital, a hospice, or a doctor's office to manage in Las Vegas, BTE Communications can help to develop a phone answering plan for your unique needs and budget. Call today to learn more about our healthcare call center services today.

Call Center Services for Towing Companies, Plumbers, & Air Conditioning Contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you need a highly trained agent to dispatch and coordinate assignments for your on-call servicemen or a representative to safely process your customers' payments, the experienced operators at BTE Communications are here to help. BTE Communications' call center provides the additional assistance service-based businesses (such as towing companies, plumbing companies, heating and air conditioning contractors, locksmiths, equipment rental companies, roadside assistance companies, etc.) need to better serve their customers. Over the last 50 years, we've helped such businesses to capture more leads, become more responsive to the needs of their clients, and provide better customer service. These clients typically create a plan that includes live answering, dispatching, voice mail, information screening, message taking and delivery, and customer service--but any combination of services is possible. We are available 24 hours a day to handle all of your calls, and answer most calls within the first three rings. Call today to learn more about our call center services for Las Vegas, Nevada, tow companies, plumbing companies, and HVAC contractors.

Customizable Telephone Answering Services for All Types of Businesses and Professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada

Trust BTE Communications to create a comprehensive telephone answering service plan to perfectly fit your company's business structure. We specialize in designing custom phone answering plans for a variety of industries, including property management, equipment rental, bail bonds, municipal, legal, towing, plumbing, HVAC, health care, and oil drilling--just to name a few. At BTE, we use the latest CMC software and hardware and are able to seamlessly incorporate existing communication devices into your answering service plan. Our highly trained live operators are ready to assist you with dispatching, inbound telemarketing, voice mail trees, and more. Call today to learn how BTE Communications can assist your business in Las Vegas with exceptional telephone answering services at highly affordable rates.

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